Lion Swap
2 min readMay 29, 2021


Lion Swap delivers users a new way of finance with their own easy to access DeFi applications, the ecosystem makes it easy to generate yield from assets through farming and gaining fees through redistribution and digital asset trading through artificial intelligence while the holders are earning dividends from the various dApps the Lion Swap Ecosystem launches.

Because the team paid attention to economics there is a healthy flow of assets going through the services Lion Swap renders to it’s users. Which in time benefits those committing to delivering liquidity through Yield Farming. Lion Swap is the governance token for the Lion Swap ecosystem but also a utility token, holding Lion Swap gives you access to all the benefits and services the Lion Swap Ecosystem has to offer and essentially makes you a part owner of a dividend paying token, every amount Lion Swap gives you voting rights on important updates, and or changes to the protocol.

Lion Swap was initiated by a collective of Decentralization enthusiasts carried by their believes for the need of revolution in finance, developers to strategists and economists got together to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the early world of DeFi and making Lion Swap the #1 protocol for yield distribution, with the goal of enriching the protocol it’s users, it puts in focus the economic skills the team has built up over the past decades combined with the skills of making complex pragmatic contracts and applications. As Lion Swap strives to always innovate we are front-running in the development of new solutions in various fields of DeFi, therefor we are running experiments with NFT’s, coin wrapping, lending and trading, combining this. Lion Swap is creating a platform powerful enough to revolutionize multiple finance industries all while creating wealth for it’s users as adoption to Lion Swap protocol grows.

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Name Token : Lion Swap
Decimals : 18

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Lion Swap

Lion Swap is the next generation open source protocol focused on establishing yield from Decentralized Finance operations